Ep. 2 – 3 Steps to Removing Negative Self-Labels

I went to speech therapy for seven years, got picked on for 15 years for speaking funny, and had to repeat myself because I constantly mumbled.

I was so insecure that I put a negative label that I was not a good speaker. It stopped me from personal, professional, and academic success.

Labels are categories we put ourselves in from our past experiences or other people’s opinions.

Think about at least one negative label that formed from a young age. How is it holding you back from success?

Stay tuned for this episode as I explain the three steps to remove a negative self-label.

Here’s my call to action for you:

1. List a negative label you have and in the next 90 days, use the steps from the podcast episode to remove it.

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3. Please message me on IG or Facebook @shelomosolson what your negative self-label is and your new positive self-label.

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