Ep 6 – 100 Million Dollars in Sales with Miguel Taveras

Dreamers University Ep 6 – 100 Million Dollars in Sales with Miguel Taveras 

Miguel Taveras is one of the founders and a managing partner at Blue Hammer Roofing and Blue Hammer Solar. In 2022, his company was ranked number 17 on the Inc 5000 list, which means his company is the fastest-growing company in his industry and the 17th fastest-growing company across all markets in the United States, with a 15,911% growth. 

He is someone I crossed paths with back in 2016 and 2017 in the Tampa startup community. He moved from Tampa to Dallas in 2017, where he helped grow another roofing company before starting his own. In this podcast episode, Miguel talks about:

– Growing a company from scratch to $100 million in total sales in a few years.
– How to attract the right business partners.
– How to start a business and become an entrepreneur.
– What you should look out for when starting a company.
– His entrepreneurship lessons


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