Ep. 8: How to Manifest Your Dream Life with Kelsey Aida

Ep. 8: How to Manifest Your Dream Life with Kelsey Aida | Dreamers University

Kelsey Aida is a next-generation thought leader who has taught thousands of people how to own their power and win at life through her inspirational blog, online courses, and international retreats. She’s also the author of #ActuallyICan, Affirmations for Happiness, Letters to the Universe, and My Pocket Guide to Manifestation. She co-hosts the popular personal development podcast “High Vibin’ It,” which has over 300,000 downloads. 

In this podcast episode, Kelsey will discuss the importance of manifestation, the do’s and don’ts, and manifestation activities to create the life you want.


Connect with Kelsey Aida:

IG: @ KelseyAida
Website: https://www.kelseyaida.com/

Connect with Shelomo Solson:

IG: @shelomosolson 
Listen to Dreamers University on your favorite podcasting platform: https://www.shelomosolson.com/dupodcast/

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