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Depending on when you read this book, some things have changed in the interviewees’ lives. If I have listed out a company name, social media info, or their current status in their life, it may have changed. At the time of the interview, that’s what it was, and as time goes by, people evolve. So, there may be some inaccuracies because time has passed.

Chapter 1

Arman Chowdhury

Chapter 2

Jack Sernett

Chapter 3

Shinjini Das

Chapter 4

Casey Adams

Chapter 5

Dennis Simsek, a.k.a. The Anxiety Guy

Chapter 6

Tyler Brady

Chapter 7

Matt Hutson, a.k.a. BookMattic

Chapter 8

Laura Egocheaga

Chapter 9

Austin Reynolds

Chapter 10

Matt G, a.k.a. Unwasted Mind

Chapter 11

Alexa Carlin

Chapter 12

Tania Speaks

Chapter 13

Nathan Harmon

Chapter 14

Hala Taha

Chapter 15

Satvik Sethi

Chapter 16

Lou Jones

Chapter 17

Calah Olson

Chapter 18

Amara Leggett

Chapter 19

Temi Johnson

Chapter 20

Cedric Spahr

Chapter 21

Mark Metry

Chapter 22

Nyah Jones

Chapter 23

Anthony Bertoncin

Chapter 24

Jenna Smith

Chapter 25

Andre Haykal Jr.

Book: What They Won’t Teach You

Chapter 26

Marko Stavrou

Chapter 27


Chapter 28

Natasha Tracy

Chapter 29

Francesca Rose

Chapter 30

Bryant Reed

Book: Tested Never Defeated

Chapter 31

Marc Mero

Chapter 32

Jonte “Not So Small” Hall

Chapter 33

Grant Baldwin

Podcasts: The Speaker Lab, How to Get into That

Chapter 34

Edward Ashley Latimore

Chapter 35

Makaila Nichols

Chapter 36

David Edward Garcia

Chapter 37

Elena Breese

Chapter 38

Marisa Sergi

Chapter 39

Will Holdren

Chapter 40

Ari Gunzburg

Chapter 41

Ed Kressy

Chapter 42

Evan Carmichael

Chapter 43

Nelson Jia Jun Ng

Chapter 44

Tovah Marx

Chapter 45

Yvette Mystakas

Chapter 46

Izzy Ngov

Chapter 47

Lady Michelle Austin

Chapter 48

Yamilexis Fernandez

Chapter 49

Luis Quintero

Chapter 50

David Meltzer

Chapter 51

Anthony Trucks