A Powerful & Effective Instructional Online Video Course For Teens

HOW TO CREATE RESILIENCY AND BUILD A MEANINGFUL LIFE is an exclusive online course that consists of multiple video modules and downloadable PDF files that will show you how to become more resilient – especially as a teenager.

The powerful steps, techniques, and methods you’ll discover inside the course can help anyone (no matter how much they are struggling) to become a much stronger, resilient, and confident person. This course is super easy to understand and is loaded with ACTIONABLE ADVICE that you can apply right away to start seeing quick results.

Within the course, you’ll learn the most effective ways to change your own energy, change your environment, and also modify your own daily habits and rituals in order to help build resilience, grow your confidence and boost your own happiness.  

Everything you’ll need will be shown to you in A VERY SIMPLE VIDEO FORMAT that’s both easy to follow and understand. This course contains only the information you need – and nothing more.

“We need someone that relates to teens and living proof that it does get better. I am glad, someone stepped up and put this all together.” ~ Nyah Jones, Tik Tok Influencer with 500k+ followers
“I had a lot of hardships when I was younger. If I had something like the Teenage Impact, I would have avoided some of those hardships and my success would have come a lot sooner.” ~ Laura Egocheaga, CEO & Founder of Viral Growth Media

Here’s a Quick Overview of What’s Inside


The HOW TO BUILD RESILIENCY AND CREATE A MEANINGFUL LIFE course is broken down into 3 main sections, with video modules for each section. Many of these modules contain both online instructional videos as well as helpful downloadable PDFs.

“The #1 goal and mission of this course is to help you create a solid and reliable foundation of inner resilience!”

 This means becoming the strongest YOU possible when it comes to facing challenges that come your way. These challenges could be in the areas of bullying or social pressures, self-image issues, personal self-worth, overcoming your biggest fears, managing emotions, or simply discovering who you really are.

Here are the 3 main sections within the course and the modules for each of the sections…

SECTION #1: Change Your Energy

1.1: Morning and night rituals
1.2: Change your environment
1.3: Finding a positive generating activity

SECTION #2: Find Meaning

2.1: Self Discovery
2.2: Goal Setting
2.3: Tackling your fears

SECTION #3: Embrace the journey

3.1: Managing Your Emotions
3.2: Enjoying the journey

Throughout these 3 main sections and the how-to video modules, you’ll discover how the power of simple, yet highly effective morning and nightly rituals can change your own energy in a very positive and more resilient way. These rituals will help with both MIND + BODY health.

In Section #1, you’ll discover several daily methods (and activities) you can quickly implement to change your external environment. When you implement just a few of these tactics, you’ll dramatically decrease the negative energy in your life, and increase your own happiness, confidence, and adversity.

In Section #2, you’ll go on a deeper journey into who you really are. This will include how to find your real purpose based on your own strengths, weaknesses, interests, values, fears, goals, and most importantly – “YOUR WHY”. Once you take a deeper look at ALL of these aspects of your own life, you’ll get a much clearer picture of not only who you are – but who you’re really meant to be.

In Section #3, you’ll be shown 10 powerful ways to manage your own emotions. These methods will help you become a much stronger and more resilient person – no matter what adversity you face in high school, or even in life itself. These tools can be used as you move into adulthood as well.

Along with the main course, you’ll also get access to these 3 exclusive bonuses as well…

BONUS #1: How To Monetize Your Passion!

Did you know that one of the easiest and most lucrative ways to create extra income in your life (even if it’s just a tiny “side business”) is to base it off of your own passions and interests? It’s true. For just about every single passion you may have, there are most likely several business ideas you can easily implement to turn your passion into extra money.

BONUS #2: Monthly Q&A Group Discussions!

Once you go through the entire course, you still may have a few more questions. These questions may be related to the course materials, or what steps you should take next in your own situation. Every single month you’ll get the opportunity to voice your own questions and get the direct answers you really need!

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