Empowering students to build a healthy self-image, overcome adversity, and achieve their dreams.

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Turning Adversity Into Opportunity

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A kid that turned adversity into his opportunity. – “I went from someone who was bullied for 15 years for how I spoke, 7 years of speech therapy, constantly repeating myself to now inspirational speaker, podcaster listened to 30+ countries, and winning multiple speech and pitch competitions.”

Meet Top Youth Motivational Speaker, Shelomo Solson and learn what he speaks about

Shelomo Solson is a Top Youth Motivational Speaker, Founder of Teenage Impact, the author of ‘Never Fight Alone’, and has a podcast that’s been listened to in over 30 countries.

The odds were stacked against Shelomo Solson from the beginning. He was bullied for 15 years because other kids thought he spoke funny, did not come from a wealthy family, failed every reading assessment, encountered racism/prejudice, and to top it all off, four of his best friends died in a car accident. He talks about how he was able to overcome life struggles and how other students can do the same to become their version of success.

Shelomo made it his goal to become more confident and resilient in his life after high school. Within 11 years, he has held 15 leadership positions, won 7 speech competitions, helped run a startup for 6 years and eventually became a full-time entrepreneur. Shelomo has been trained by well-known speakers and leaders: Brian Tracy, Joe Yazbeck, John Maxwell, Josh Shipp, and Jeremy Anderson.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • The keys to removing negative self-labels, conquering self-limiting beliefs, and increasing confidence.
  • How to overcome adversity and live an extraordinary life.
  • The power of kindness.
  • Action steps to overcoming the effects of bullying.
  • Best ways of taking ownership and boosting morale in life & school.


Short Clip of Top Youth Motivational Speaker, Shelomo Solson’s Live Virtual Presentation

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