Tips on How to Use My New 2022 Student Planner

I released my new planner, ‘Never Fight Alone 2022 Student Planner.’ More information about the planner is found by clicking here. Here are some tips on how to use the 2022 student planner.

  1. Create your goals backward from yearly, to monthly, to weekly, to daily.
    This type of goal setting is called backward planning. Think about the goals you have for the year. Based on those goals, what goals do you have to have for the month? Based on your goals for the month, what goals do you need to have for the week?

    • Your yearly goal can be to get all-A’s.
    • Your monthly goal can be to do all the assignments and get an A on every test.
    • Your weekly goal can be to study for 10 hours.
    • Your daily goal can be to complete all your homework assignments.
  2. Create an action plan every month.
    Depending on what your goals are, what tasks do you need to prioritize? What habits do you need to have? What steps do you need to follow to achieve that goal?
    Set deadlines for those goals, be as specific as possible and list the steps you need to take to accomplish that goal.

    If your goal is to have all-A’s on assignments/tests and you are busy with extracurricular activities after school, you can set a goal to get out of bed an hour earlier each day to study.
  3. Use the monthly calendar, my monthly planner, and weekly planner to write down important dates for the month like exam dates, birthdays, homework due.
  4. Use the weekly planner to write down your goals (for school or outside of school), quiz/test dates, homework, and what subjects you need to study.
  5. Use the daily planner to stay organized on what needs to get done during or after school hours.

    Here is what you can write down in your daily planner:

• Test/quiz dates
• Homework due
• Birthdays
• Events you have to attend
• Extracurricular activities after school
• Work shift
• What you are going to be studying after school
• Your chores

  1. Use the reflection pages to reflect at the end of the week, month, and year.

• How was my week/month/year? Be honest about how your week went. Was it good? Or was it bad? Explain why.

• What was great about your week? Highlight anything you enjoyed about your week, like getting a good grade, doing well at your sport or extracurricular activity, winning an award.

• What can I improve on? We cannot improve unless we are honest on how we can improve. Maybe you need to stop procrastinating. Maybe you sleep late and don’t get that much sleep which leads to you being sleepy. Perhaps you have to improve in a particular subject.

• What am I grateful for? Being grateful is about being thankful for what you have. There are so many benefits of gratitude. Gratitude reduces stress, increases happiness, and improves your mood. You can write down big things you are grateful for, like family, friends, food, clothes, or a house. Or you can write down the little things you are thankful for, like a compliment someone said to you, a particular scent, or the warm weather.

  1. Use Assignment ledgers/course overview pages at the end of June and December to keep track of every assignment for the semester and your progress for each course. Make sure you never miss an assignment by staying organized. Anytime you receive an assignment, fill it in the assignment ledger and course overview along with the due date. Also, input your quiz/exam dates on the course overview page. By the end of the semester, you will have an idea of your grade in the class. For the spring semester, use the sheets after June. For the fall semester, use the sheets after December.
  2. Use the notes section at the end of each month to write down your thoughts, feelings, and anything else you couldn’t fit in the other pages.

If you are interested ‘Never Fight Alone 2022 Student Planner’ or would like to learn more, click here.

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