Youth Motivational Speaker FAQ

What is a youth motivational speaker?

A youth motivational speaker motivates and inspires students to act on a particular topic. They show a great deal of passion about their topic, whether it’s mental health, resiliency, drug & alcohol prevention, bullying, leadership, personal development, or kindness.

Who makes an outstanding youth motivational speaker?

An outstanding youth motivational speaker is authentic and speaks from the heart. They talk about their experiences and tie them back to the audience. An engaging youth motivational speaker captures the audience’s attention throughout the presentation.

Why should you hire a youth motivational speaker for your school?

There are several reasons why you should book a youth motivational speaker for your next school assembly or event. Student morale can be down, there can be a lot of bullying going on in the school, students struggling with their mental health, or maybe you want to teach your students valuable life lessons.

How much does the average youth motivational speaker cost?

The average youth motivational speaker charges $2,000 – $5,000: some charge less, and some cost more. Many phenomenal youth motivational speakers charge $1,000 or less if you don’t have that kind of budget. If you have the budget, don’t let price be the determining factor. See which youth motivational speaker fits best with your school.